House Euphrates

House Euphrates was established in 2001 by Bolt Darksky and his friends. It started as the 'Green Team', a group of friends who would always play from green spawn in Mechassault. Mostly it was through XBox live that the house grew.

The House has had over 100 members.

The house is designed provide a friendly environment to play in, free from bad behaviour such as racism and abuse.

We believe we may be having some beneficial effect.

And the main thing is to have fun!

We regularly play the following games online:

Battlefield 2
Conflict Global Terror
Forza Motosport
StarWars Battlefront 2
World of Warcraft


How do I become a member?
The answer is you can't just join! House Euphrates invites players to join after playing with them online.

What does it mean?
House Euphrates expects members to behave with decency and show respect to other players. Abuse, sexism and racism are not cool and are not tolerated by the house.

What if I want to leave?
You can just leave. No hard feelings. However it would be better to talk to a senior house member first. You can leave the house and remain on good terms with the house.

What is a House Friend?
A house friend is someone who we play with and is in good standing with House Euphrates but is not a member. Members can put friends on the list - but only after asking them. Friends can become members over time if they wish. Please let a house member that you may wish to join the house.

What about the Website?
The website is designed to be of interest to all Xbox live gamers and especially for house members. Miami Monkeys is the webmaster. He can sometimes be contacted here.  

We want members suggestions, comments and content. Especially content! Members can post to the website thread in the private house forums.

Tragnab did the logo and titles and C D Xbow put it together.

House Emblems  and  Structure