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Rave1: Welcome to our website.

We are HOUSE EUPHRATES not "House of Euphrates" or "The House Euphrates" just House Euphrates. We are not a clan because as we have seen clans on the Xbox live grow to become something we just did not want to be. In my mind they slowly became more an more like the "clan" in the real world. People that thought they were better than everyone else and had no memory of the day that they first played the game. True, I will admit that most of them are very good at what ever game they play, but from my experience most of them will cry like babies should you beat them.

We (House Euphrates) played and lost to clans that I had much respect for. However the next day we played and beat them and suddenly there was no "good game House Euphrates" from them as we had complimented them the day before. Instead they began to call my wife the "B" word and out came the "N" word and a ton of put downs about white people. I can recall once that my son Jake and myself beat a clan in Mechassault that claimed to be the best clan at the time. They had four players and we had only two, Jake and myself, and after they lost (yes, we are that good) they called us names and slithered off into the night. One month later we played the same clan this time four on four and they won by one point and the next thing I know is that they posted the score on the Mechassault website with a ton of comments about how bad we were at the game. To this day they never beat us again and guess what they never posted anything about their defeats in the forum.

Starting to get the picture?

This is not what we (House Euphrates) want to be apart of. Not only that, we don't just play one or two games, we play most every game on the live, Forza Motor Sports, Halo2, Rainbow Six, Chromehounds(360), Gears of War(360), Call of Duty3 and many others. Yes, we still play Mechassault that is where we started and is where we are best known. If you want to know what we are all about I can simply say that we are about playing video games and having fun. Not only playing them but playing them fair by balancing out the teams and not using any "modes" or "glitches." We feel that the use of any such devices means that you are not good at the game and do not intend to get good. What you are really good at is "cheating" and if you have to cheat to win then you have admitted (to your self) that the other guy is better than you are and that the only way for you to compete with him is to cheat. Hey, if you are one of those people do us (House Euphrates) a favor and stay away form us. We want to play with the best win or lose and if you are cheating then you are a fool that spends his time fooling himself which means that you are a even bigger fool.

Also if you are a racist, you can do not only House Euphrates but everyone else on the XBL a favor by getting your self a set of golf clubs or something cause no one want to hear that "bull" and most of you really suck at live games anyway. If you are not any of the guys that I have mentioned and don't mind helping people that are not as good as you and want to roll with guys that will cover your backside in any game you find them in, then House Euphrates is what you are looking for.

In the mean time look around and enjoy the site, but "DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN" the forums are for members only, you "MUST" first be a member cleared by Metallic Night "miami monkeys" or any of the Metal Commanders before you will be allowed to log in. Last thing is that we have just three rules at House Euphrates .

Rule 1- You must respect other gamers at all times.

Rule 2 - keep the forum private

Rule 3 - You can not be a member of any other clan or House on the XBL.

Our moto is "Otium Cum Dignitate", which is latin for "leisure with dignity." So if you like what you see here on the site and what you have read then hang out with us on the live and get to know us. The only way to get into House Euphrates is for a member to give you a invitation to join. On the other hand if you are a cheating, disrespectful, sore losing racist, there are still a set of golf clubs waiting for you at your nearest sporting goods store. Hey, don't laugh, it worked for Tiger Woods maybe it will work for you. You might even find a way to glitch the ball into the 19th hole and even get to call Bryant Gumble the 'N' word on national TV. Now that would make my day, I'm black and I don't like him. What do you care that the whole world watches you make a damn fool of your self. You are on your way to becoming the next Hitler with a golf club. Now should you decide to take me up on this golf thing, I want you to know that we on the Xbox live wish you the best of luck and miss you already.

Bolt Darksky, Master Forger, Titanium

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House Euphrates - Leisure with Dignity


1. I have put an article attributed by you about the strange drone that has been photographed in the US over the last couple of years. The link is on the front page. I have follwed up with the bizarre coincidence I have noted. It's a lot of fun but quite inexplicable.

2. PLEASE PLEASE go to the MA2 forum and post a YES I WANT MECH 3 and encourage the rest of the house. So far only 3 have

3. I did not understand the post about what

[i][blockquote]Commander Xbow I would like to see what I wrote under "Bolt's Rave. I would also like to see your response as a follow up seeing that it is so informative. Do this even if you have to clean some things out. I will also add that these are some of the things I would like to see in the Xbox mag. I think it is obvious that because M$ has a firm grip on there chain that Xbox magazine is unable to print the truth. That not being the case with us maybe it is up to us to do as Malcom X use to say "Keep the people informed.[/blockquote][/i]