In 1955, this baby was found by marines after a misfired artillary shell destroyed a building in Zimbabwe during the night.

 Marines affectionately named the baby Baby Darksky.





































Here is a picture of bolts grandmorther and two of her sisters.

They spent a few years in prison after John Dilenger testified that they once robbed him after a bank heist.



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It is believed after much investigation that this woman is Bolt Darksky's mother.

At age five he acquired the name Bolt because of tinkering with mechanical gears and parts




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1962 First Weapon

At age seven Bolt constructed his first weapon which he loaned to his childhood friend next door seen here just before taking out a radar tower just near their homes after which he and his mother was asked to leave the country


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Bolt's not only liked tinkering with mecahanical things, he also loved animals.

Here we see a picture of Bolt's dog at age 8 "General Patton"


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At age 15, Bolt began to surround himself in armor.

Doctors referred to his behavior as a Tony
Stark complex.



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Here is Bolt dressed for his high school prom, his shield and sword(not pictured) was confiscated at the door for safety reason.

Check the cod piece!


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Bolt was kicked out of school one week after the prom for carrying this chainsaw which he referred to as a pocket knife.




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Here is a picture of Bolts first car.



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In 197? Bolt married Lady Darksky. Pictured is the wedding car just prior to ceremony.



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Bolt's First meeting with "Get Sprung".

No wonder sprung is the only pilot that has never beaten Bolt in a game of Team Destruction maybe he is still shell shocked from first meeting.



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Here is Bolt in front of his car with a few of his friends.




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Here is a picture of Bolt's first mechanized construction. The 60-foot destroyed several vehicles before Bolt could effectively bring it to a halt.

The state of New York then requested that he exit the state at which time he moved to Atlanta.



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Here is Bolt standing infront of his new Bently, he says it is a smooth ride but complains that it lacks armor and firepower.

He now has a law suit against Bently for their refusal to install a 20mm cannon and 1200lbs of plated armor.



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It was in 2002, that Bolt joined the Mech core.

 Pictured here is Bolt climbing into his first mech, which he used to decimate the Microsoft HeadQuarters for the release of Mech 2.

He was fined $250 and 10 hours of community service, seems the judge was a little upset with the release of Mech 2 also.



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He has three children remaining at home; Jake Darksky pictured here with mother Lady Darksky, and Myst Darksky, the little one to the right.




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Pictured here is oldest daughter Rain Darksky who Bolt admits to be the best mech pilot of the Darksky clan, however she is very disobedient and refuses to wear her armor.

Bolt says that she is a disgrace to the family heritage. She spends her days shopping at malls and listening to Bow Wow, and other rap artists, what a terrible disgrace Bolt says


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