This pilot that is one of the most consistent in that he can have a positive score in a Mad Cat on any map. He scores more kills and less deaths than any Mad Cat in the game. He has a move named after him in our gossary because he has changed a weak spawn into a terrible death trap. The move is call the "Tragnab Trap" and the pilot is none other than Master Forger...Tragnab!

Please note that it is Texas Raider piloting the catapault, shooting from behind!








Metal Commander Teth Amon is seen here dishing it out to the revisionists in his mighty Atlas. A true hero of the revolution, he runs a mean Atlas and can cause some serious pain! The only Atlas pilot to make it into the top ten in any era. Teth Amon we salute you!










This month the spotlight is on Shoot. Shoot is pictured above, crouching behind Bolt Darksky. I promise they were the exact words he captioned the image with when he sent it in. He is clearly a humorist. Shoot is equally at home toughing it out in a Prome or sneaking around in a Uzeil and sniping a winning score. From the picture it looks like he is a at home with a rifle in the allegedly real world.












This month spotlight shines on not only a member of the fabled Thundercats over in Mechassault, but he is also the leader of that band of pesty Madcats. However he is not spotlighted for his achievements as a Mech pilot. The picture shown is a Porsche 959 that he drives in Forza Motorsports with uncanny proficiency. This months spotlight is none other than Metal Guardian QUAD LEGEND.












And last but not least. Texas Raider and his family!

But which is Texas?

I asked Texas to pen a few words, but I couldn't legally print them
























Continued from front page.....



On the left is a picture of our House Member in the living room of his home showing off the helmets ability to make its wearer non reflectant of light, thus rendering him completely invisible to the human eye, not like the half baked cloaking of a Loki.

<< That's him standing in front of the sofa.


In the picture to the right, our spotlighted member appears just before his wedding. (Yikes!) To the average eye, one would think he is dressed in scuba gear, but as best as I can explain he said, "the suit was specially designed and modified to protect his body from ultraviolet light, cosmic and gamma rays, subatomic particles and a host of other things that move in and out of our atmosphere." or something like that. >>





The following picture of our spotlighted member on a visit to a top secret military establishment. The CIA has allowed House Euphrates to retain these picture with the promise that he not reveal to the world any of the knowledge that he obtained from this facility, commonly known as Area 51. These photos show the so called northern hangars, with a large (100') disk shaped craft and....

^ And in close up, our spotlighted member.



Here is a picture of our spotlighted member piloting his favorite Mech, he is also responsible for most of the stuff you see here on our website. When Bolt Darksky is reminded of his many bad choices of acquiring new members, it is this members name that he brings up to remind them of his ability to spot a diamond in the rough. His skills on the battlefield are without question. Matched only by Master Forger Sierra for his ability to outthink pilots in better Mechs and more experience, he is House Euphrates' secret weapon and he is none other than "Metal Commander, CD Xbow."  



This month's members spotlight is one of House Euphrates' greatest &  most loved pilots. The man with the unstoppable Hammers and undoubtedly  the mightiest Prome in the Universe! Truly the King of the Hill in Demo Town, Deadman Joe!

 Deadman Joe aka Schizo Farkoff.

Daedman's Hammers can turn even the mightiest Mech into mush in seconds - that's why just about everybody runs away when he comes at them all powered up with that evil red glint in his Prome's eye. Let him get close and its all over red rover.

If DJ hosts he is quite literally unbeatable - the last time he hosted it didn't matter how we cut the teams DJ's team would always win, mostly easily. It was an awesome performance. DJ response to this - he doesn't like hosting because it gives him such an advantage!

Deadman reading in his study

For his teammates there is no player who leaves them more power ups & health than DJ. He makes it easy for the rest of us.

Deadman Joe, we salute you!