RED October, & we have
spilled the
blood of the old
Master Forgers. Now meet the...

The MasterBlasters

From now on I want to make a name change.... that all of the new Master Forgers from now on will be known as the Master Blasters. Oh yeah and I dont want to the take the title of Master away from my dad so from now on and forever more he will know as the Master Clean Up Man. One more thing.... forget all of this 'metals' stuff from now on the Metal of Platinum will be know as Chronic.

Jake Darksky, MasterBlaster, leader of the revolution

Superduper General BentBlackSmoke aka Che

 Metal Hall Extensions

Metal Hall has some new bits. The Tower of Video Game History is up to level 1.5 - take the first left and go up the tower. Some ancient records regarding the rediscovery of the Metal Hall system has come to light. And a whole new section has started! The labs. The Astrolab has some interactive stuff, especially the 3D VRML universe - I really like in it and is usable as is. Chemlab & Biolab are just ideas at this time. You must try the Zoomalator - its about 70% done but still fun. Worldlab is also new. Also I found a neat MP3 online player from O'reilly. The Titanium room has an Asteroids Machine and the control screen has been activated for testing. Now you can look around the planet and the system and get a feel for the place. Almost forgot, the ArtRoom just starting out, but has some nice space trips!

C D Xbow, Master Blaster of the metal formally known as copper.

Test pages Shuttle

Spotlite on - Master Forger, TethAmon

 Master Blaster Teth Amon is seen here dishing it out to the revisionists in his mighty Atlas. A true hero of the revolution, he runs a mean Atlas and can cause some serious pain! The only Atlas pilot to make it into the top ten in any era. Teth Amon we salute you!

The Comrades List

This list is for gamers that are in good standing with the House. Gamers names that appear on this list must request that there name be placed there.

MadAngrydrake (I met this cat over in Battlefield MC)
Mrs. Bones
Get N Go
Butterflat (we met this nice lady over in Runescape)
Tom Xbow

"This game is not good, not great, but possibly Legendary!"

Before we start lets look at this, you know how Mech 1 is pretty much better than Mech 2 in everything but graphics? Yeah, ChromeHounds is better than Mech 1 in every aspect. In my opinion, Mech 1 is garbage, (yes, GARBAGE) compared to this game. This game fixes everything that was wrong with both Mech 1 and as well as Mech 2. Read more

Miami Monkeys, Metallic Knight, Titanium

Grunt Padre Memorial

A permanent memorial  - see here


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