Attack of the Drones!

May 17th 2007 AD

There has been a strange drone craft sighted in the skies. You can read more about it at Coast to Coast and at Earthfiles they have some more images & reports of similar 'drones

Strange Craft


Lake Tahoe

Click for larger image

I think these are very good 'photoshopped' fakes - see the discussion in some of the forums, they point out some salient points.

Nonetheless a very nice attempt! Love the Klingonesque lettering.

Bolt Darksky
Master Forger, Titanium


Addendum June 3th 2007 by C D Xbow

I was examining some downloaded high-res versions of the images looking for evidence of fakery - I could find no definite signs. The only reasons to believe them to be fake are:
 1. Their history, The Chad story doesn't add up.
 2. Very sharp compared with most photos of 'ufos'.
 3. Some inconsistencies with lighting & blur.

I then examined the lettering. I have included the sharpened & enlarged image I made below. I moved the lettering around so they were all lined up. So look closely....

Now look at the lettering I made up for the Cosmic Imperium - the graphic I made of lettering is reproduced below. If you click on it you can see it on the original page. Freakishly the first 3 letters are the almost the same. And the 6th is very similar.

Isn't that truly bizarre. Life follows art! Or maybe art follows life follows art. If I keep on this track I think I had better change the bong water. How would the fonts I made up get on the underside of a drone - even if it turns out to be a photoshopped hoax one?

Now wait. I remember, its slowly coming back. When I was doing the Imperium graphics for Conquest I did have a strange feeling come over me, I felt like a force was controlling me, moving my hand, forming the letters for me. It was very odd. And I seem to remember a voice, that's right a voice in my head. No one about at all, just the voice. Now I remember it clearly for the first time. It must have been that telepathy business. And the voice said: 

"Human listen to me. I am Janus, a Neflim from Ashtar Command. We have watched and helped your race for thousands of years. We have an important warning for your race. Beware of the Imperium, their arrival is imminent. Watch the skies! You will recognise them by the word."

And that was it. Make of it what you will. I have to say I was glad Janus wasn't here in person 'cause he might have been one of these aliens with a penchant for the rectal probe.

So do these drones carry 'the word' as I was warned about. Is this just chance, a fluke? Synchronicity? Or am I just seeing patterns where there are none? On the other hand, perhaps the Cosmic Imperium is really on the way. If so, take to your Mechs and off to the hills. Better ask Texas for a shotgun.

CD Xbow
Metal Commander, Copper

Addendum 2 - 6/6/07 By C D Xbow

Sorry about the previous silliness. It must just be coincidence. After examining the lettering on the underside of the long 'boom' from a couple of different sets of photos - I noted differences in lettering & some structural detail. While the letters are a similar type/font they are different. The image below shows the underside of the boom from 2 different sets of pictures. I have enhanced & clarified the images to high light the lettering more. Incidently the same process(es) will also enhance artifacts due to fakery, which would most likely be around the craft - and as you can see there are none.

I will keep a look out to see what turns up on the web. This is an enigma wrapped
in a riddle, wrapped in a puzzle....



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