The House has waited patiently for a decent Xbox Mech game to follow Mechassault. Mech 2 didn't make it, but this game looks like it will.
The mighty ChromeHounds, sounds like a good reason to get a 360.

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Reviewed by miami monkeys

This game is not good, not great, but possibly Legendary!

Before we start lets look at this, you know how Mech 1 pretty much is better than Mech 2 in everything but graphics? Yeah, ChromeHounds is better than Mech 1 in every aspect. In my opinion, Mech 1 is garbage, (yes, GARBAGE) compared to this game. This game fixes everything that was wrong with both Mech 1 and as well as Mech 2.

First, my favorite part the war
In comparison to the Mechassualt 2 conquest it is perfect. There is no switching of factions every 5 secs to cheat (you can only switch once every 2 weeks or when a war season ends), you can play against the computer if you cant find anybody to play with (many people may think this unfair at first but you do not receive as much money or merit for completing a mission against computers). The different factions all have different parts that you can buy to improve your mech. As well there are different "special parts" were are given out in a lottery, these special parts are either prototypes or are captured parts. Another cool feature is the war updates, when ever something important happens, it is posted there, these can range from where you are being attacked, where we need help, you can even get your name on there for everybody to see if you contribute lots of help in capturing a area or make a donation to your country. You can also enter the war as a whole squad or clan, and change your mech from in the lobby to one of the unlimited setups you can make. Another thing they have added is no matter when you lose or win, you have to pay for your repair bill and buy all of the ammo you just used, so if you win you use some of the money you made to pay for that, but if you lose you start loosing money, and this can start piling on really quickly if you are losing alot. From completing missions you also get points towards your rank, you start at rookie and move up. There is a lot more than even what i said, but lets move on.

These are your basic clan units, whenever you go online in chromehounds you enter the main lobby, this is your clan lobby where everybody in the clan can talk, buy parts, go on missions, ect . It can basically be used as a 20 person chat room if needed. As well from completeing missions your earn Renown, which boosts your squads rank. You also have your squad colors which can be applied to your mech, as well as a emblem that can also be put on.
From here you can also check out every other person whose online in your squads mech, money and other various things about them, there is also a trade area where you can trade parts to other players in your squad. In order to do well, you pretty much NEED a squad.

The Actual fighting and Mechs
The fighting is extremely balanced, its not like mechassault where only a few things are viable to actually use, every class is almost necessary to win against a good opponent. All of the weapons are very balanced as well, as the more power=more weight, so less of them your mech can carry and slower it moves. In order to talk (with out a commander nearby) you have to capture the various combas stations around the map, which are basically big radio towers that a have an area in which you can talk and see enemies on the map. Most of the time the objective is to destroy the enemy headquarters, or base, you must first determine which base is theirs as there are decoys and then, you must destroy it. An alternate method of winning is destroying all of the enemy mechs. The balance in this game is fantastic, a team of all Heavy Gunners ( the biggest mechs attack wise but EXTREMELY slow moving and with very hard to aim weapons) would easily be defeated by a team with variation. Another thing to mention is that unlike what most of you are used to who haven't played other mech games, there are no weapons that "lock on" there a limited few, heavy heat seeking missiles but that's it. The extreme variation needed to win leads to much more strategy being used. In my opinion, mech requires some strategy, but its very limited. In this game a quick thinking commander is necessary in order to direct the heavy gunners where to aim there cannons at, the soldiers need to flank ect. where the sniper should go. The scouts job is to grab the many combas stations and well...scout for enemies lol, he then reports to the snipers and commanders on their location and what kind of mechs are approaching. The defender (my personal favorite so far :P) is a heavily armored, pretty much tank who defends lol, he stations him self close to the snipers commanders and the base because he is pretty slow moving.

With almost unlimited availability for different mech types and lots of different game types and maps, this game is looking to be a very good one. I recommend, no almost should force all of you to get a 360 and buy this game RIGHT NOW. I am not kidding when I say this game makes mech look like garbage, I know you guys will have a great time over here so hurry up and get it already!!!!!!!!


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