Human Scale



Edge of the Universe
1 Billion Light Years
Virgo Super Cluster
Local Group Galaxies
Half a Million Light Years
50,000 LY The Milky Way
5000 Light Years:Orion Arm
250 Light Years
12 Light Years
5 Billion Kms - edge of the solar system
1 million kms from home
Orbit 120 km above earth

Human Scale

Just Like Alice
Head Fly
Flies in Your Eyes
The Flies Mind
The Cellular Level
Mighty Molecules
Onto the Atom
The Quantum Zoo

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"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small"

The Zoomalator Mark I allows you to zoom out from the world of the every day to the world of the very, very large. So large in fact, that you can go all the way to the edge of the universe and beyond!

You use the zoom buttons at the top to zoom in & out. Click the More button to read about what you would see at this distance, well maybe!

This version of the Zoomalator has only limited zoom in. That is planned for Mark II. Pictures of the distant universe are from a site and they are by Richard Powell. Thank you.