A. Overview

B. Technical

C. What  HCS can do?

D. Activities in the Hall

E. House Euphrates


Activities in the Metal Hall: What can I do in Metal Hall?

Metal Hall is a place for you to explore & discover, so the easiest thing to do is just go there now. It's also soon to be rebuilt, probably in something 3D. You can explore the worlds of art, science and 31st century technology. Along the way you will find games and various interactive software. There truly is something for everyone.

Artroom - 2D & 3D galleries & tools
Tower of Song:Under-construction -  Music & Sound Tools only so far.
The Labs
Garage, Hangar & Vehicles :Under-construction
Videogame Museum:Under-construction - the first few years are there
Space Port & Portal :Under-construction
Copper Games Room