A. Overview

B. Technical

C. What  HCS can do?

D. Activities in the Hall

E. House Euphrates



A.What do I need for it to work?

Hall System Control (HSC) requirements are similar to the requirements for visiting Metal hall. You need:

  1. A modern javascript enabled browser (IE 5 or better, Firefox 1.5)
  2. Makes sure active scripting is turned on
  3. Flash plugin occasionally NB: Shockwave may be required in the near future
  4. Java installed on your computer

What if something does not work?

  1. Check your browser meets requirements - see above
  2. Check active scripting is turned on
  3. Make sure you have a recent Flash plugin & Java is on your computer
  4. Reload the page a few times to see if this fixes it
  5. Close all your browser windows and then reopen the page
  6. Reboot you PC
  7. Email technical support on