Bolt's Battle Wagon

The House has recommissioned an ancient Terran Fighting Fortress, more commonly known as BattleWagons. This fearsome vehicle was from the 3rd terran Dynasty and featured in a number of famous campaigns. It was found on Rigel VII in resonable condition and has been refitted with the latest Imperial exoarmor & modern weapons

Weight 2543 tonnes
Length - 46m
Width - 15 m
Crew - 10-24
Cargo Capacity - 420 tons
3x GMC XT-3 Fusion Cores

Weapon Systems
3x Twin Gauss Rifles
Twin fusion canons
Javelin Missiles
Warhammer Missiles
Air Defense Grid with Level 5 ECM
6x Paired Lasers Turrets

6 Fighter craft & 2 light VTOL's.