Blaxxun Contact is a free 3D world viewer plugin which is very strong in chat room features and thus making 3D online communities. Visit Blaxxun at You will need the plugin which you can get from their home page or Download direct. It is distinctly low-res and I get the feeling these are dying communities, probably because VRML is.

"A 3D Virtual Reality Chat Community Unlike Any Other.. ..Journey Through The Universe"
     Jewel of Indra
Premier Adult 3D Chat Community. (Caution: 100% Sexual Content Inside! No one under 21 years of permitted.)
   Girona Virtual (Spain)
Beautiful 3D chat community modelled after the old-world town of Girona in the region of Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. (Content in Catalan and Spanish)
"3D chat community at its very best!"
   English Village (Korea)
An English language learning environment from Gyeonggi English Culture Foundation in Korea. (Content in Korean and English)
    Learnetix (Germany)
A homework community from Cornelson Verlag
   Corps of Discovery
Lewis & Clark Expedition - The Great American Adventure
   Circus Krone KinderKlub (Germany)
An online kids clubs at Circus Krone (Content in German)
   VR Dimension
3D chat community
   iCity (Israel)
Israel-based community featuring virtual Tel Avia and old Jaffa. (Content in Hebrew and English)
Civilization for the Virtual Age. Chosen by Yahoo! as coolest chat site for 2001.
The original Black Sun Cybergate 3D worlds updated for use with the blaxxun Contact plugin!

PLACES FC Barcelona 3D
Visit the 3D home of the 2006 Champions League winner FC Barcelona with its own virtual club! (Content in Spanish.)
   Virtual Helsinki (Finland)
brought to you by local telecoms provider Elisa Communications
   Virtual Solar System
A model of the solar system proportional in size to the real thing
Sci-Fi world
  La Plage
  Dark Whispers
  Virtual Marx
Chad Sweigert's collection of 3D single and multi-user worlds
  Villa Savoye in 3D
Le Corbusier (1931). Built by one of the greatestest Architect of the 20th century, such building is considered one of the most important example

GAMES Virtuelle Schanze (Virtual Ski Jump)
by the Ski-Club Willingen (Website in German)
   ActionMan Demo
There's a new superhero on the horizon.. (Content in Spanish.)
   Grand Prix Race Teams
A 3D Multiuser Race World by Vitor Cardoso, Catarina Cardoso & Mogens Sørensen, ODISSEIA Project, Univ. Aberta

WEB RING blaxxun Webring
   3D Port Ring
  Unofficial 3D WebRing
   VRML Ring
  Rendered Ring
Rendered Ring is for original 3D Art of all kind, be it graphics, models meshes, VRML, or even 3d games.


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