Grunt Padre

Priest. Warrior. Friend.

Farewell, Grunt Padre

On Saturday, May 27 2006 our House member and very good friend Grunt Padre was killed in a boating accident. I want every one of you to think about something. If not for the Xbox live almost none of us would know each other. And I surely would not have met Grunt Padre. I think that meeting him was definitely a good thing for Lady myself and all the Darkskys. He was a very nice person and always a joy to play with.

He did not play as much as when he was in college and we understood that. Being a real life priest had to require a lot of his time, but whenever he did come on the live it somehow made that day a special day. I will miss him, Lady will miss him as well as my family and the whole of House Euphrates. I was once told that everyone on earth are here to make it a better place by effecting others in a positive way. If that is true as I believe it is I want the Almighty to know that Grunt Padre has passed with flying colors because if he has touched and effected anyone it has been Lady Darksky. I offer as evidence of this, each and everyone of the tears that she has cried on his behalf.

We will miss you Padre and House Euphrates will never forget you and I hope that you don't forget about us. Heaven is a little better off with you there and Earth is a little worse without you.

We love you Padre and miss you already.

Farewell my friend.

Bolt Darksky, Master Forger- Titanium

PS: If you run into our Lord tell Him about us. A few guys trying to make things a little better for everyone, on a stupid game called the Xbox live.

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You Will be remembered Padre and you will be sorely missed, if I were capable of crying I would be bawling like a baby right now. Instead I will just have to understand that his loss and the pain that accompanies it is God's work and that our beloved friend is in a better place

We must not Mourn his death but instead Celebrate his life, Celebrate the great man we were blessed with, even if the blessing was for a short time for some of us

Grunt Padre, I Salute you

 TexasRaider, Metal Commander