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Free, banner-supported Web host service that offers you 100 megs of space, along with FTP support, site promotion, and speedy servers. 
250 megs of space, as well as top-notch tech support. Has easy to use Web-based account manager, as well as FTP access. This service is MSN TV-friendly. I could not register with email. 
Free Web hosting service that offers you 5 gigs of bandwidth, and a free subdomain. Includes FTP and cPanel access, PHP/CGI support, message board and guestbook. 
Free 95 megs of space, as well as FTP access. does not place ad banners on your pages. Has many tools for building and managing your site.

Very comprehensive with
many tools for building and managing your site.
Basic but undemanding with easy uploading. Annoying adds slide across your page. 
This is a solid, free Web hosting service that includes a lot of helpful features. An ad-supported service, gives you 150 megs of space and your own subdomain. Other features include direct FTP access, a guestbook, a message board, form mail and lots more. 
Free account that offers 250 megs of space and no ads. You can use either via FTP or your browser with the basic upload tool. I could NOT get this one to work reliably.
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This free Web hosting service offers you 100 megs of space, a choice of domains, and unlimited traffic. No banner ads on your pages. This service offers free enhancements for your site, including a guestbook, site creation software, a message board and online forms, as well as full FTP access. 
200 megs of space and 5 gigs of bandwidth, as well as domain and subdomain hosting. Places no banners or popup ads on your pages.  FTP access and has PHP and MySQL support
This free Web space provider offers a generous package. You get 50 megs of Web space, an FTP account and CGI access. They have an online site creation utility and support via E-mail. 
Excellant Web host that features domain and subdomain hosting. This service offers 200MB Web space and 500MB per day bandwidth and high-traffic sites are eligible for a free domain. Here, you get free FTP access, PHP/MySQL support and more.  RECOMMENDED
50 megabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth, and free subdomains. Here, you upload your files using FTP, or via their  EasyUpload utility.Also offers free guestbook and a message board.

Yahoo Geocities
Probably the most comprehensive in terms of services and functionality. Easy to use.

ZeroCatch offers you 100 megs of space. This banner-ad supported hoster has speedy, reliable servers. It includes FTP support, site promotion and more. If you're looking for an added draw for your site, check out their "partnership" program, which lets you become a free Web space provider yourself.

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Free Web tools
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Free Web tools
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